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With China Music 2018 I see like so ​much else, development is moving fast in China and we can’t pretend it doesn’t exist or that it’s not good enough.

Musical expressions, education and various music​ styles are exploding in the east, and curiosity is great.

A young Chinese generation longs to enter the fantastic world of guitar music and its expression.

Manufacturing and development in the guitar industry is also striking.

Even the original Spanish and largest manufacturers in the US are there and would like to be with and attract buyers, but the impression is that many also place their production in China - and just what is a "made by the US" string, or guitar?

In all probability, the dream guitar is made in China as "Swedish" Volvo or soon, the American Tesla.

Jazz guitar

Jazz music and driven musicians bloom in China. Even acoustic so-called. "Fingerstyle" as well as the classic guitar music are of great interest. Music education has started up, and with it a brand new gigantic continent which loves guitar music and to express themselves​   with the guitar as a tool.

With the presence in production and education, the so- In the 1970’s anything made in Japan was termed as junk. The same comparison is often made today with goods manufactured in China. However, with the growing presence of quality guitar makers and the increase in educated buyers in China, that comparison is disappearing fast.

The acoustic guitar originates from Spain and the Torres original model, which is now more than 250 years old, is called a classic nylon stringed guitar.

 The classic guitar has undergone several stages of development for example, in the US with the steel string guitar in the 20th century, but basically the classic guitar remains as a root even today 2018.

Today there is still guitar manufacturing and skilled builders left in Spain.

There, the most committed ​ and stubborn guitar makers​ have been doing everything to survive in difficult years with hard price pressure from Asia. Now the production in Spain is blooming again and because Sweden belongs to the EU it makes it easier in many ways to return to “the source” and produce classic guitars locally in their original style.


After all, only the music remains and the guitar becomes just a tool. We at GuitarPeople named our guitars theTool​, after the music that everyone creates​ according to their own ability and expression.

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