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theTool™ Customer Speaks: Unveiling the Heart of theTool™ through Recommendations


Our customers and their recommendations for us are a powerful window into the soul of our business, offering an unfiltered perspective on its strengths and weaknesses. Our brand theTool™ is synonymous with handcrafted guitars, our latest customers reviews paint a vivid picture of a company dedicated to exceptional customer service, product quality, and fostering emotional connections with its patrons.

The latest recommendations by Lina Nasstrom exemplifies Guitarpeople´s commitment to going above and beyond for customer satisfaction. When Lina encountered a broken string while restringing her guitar, she reached out to Guitar Peoples customer support. Instead of simply offering a replacement, Guitarpeople surprised Lina by sending two new strings at no additional cost. This seemingly small gesture speaks volumes about the company's prioritization of customer satisfaction and its dedication to resolving issues promptly and efficiently.

Martin Ehnberg's concise yet heartfelt review comment captures the emotional connection that theTool™ guitars evoke in their owners. His exclamation of "Stort tack! Nu är telen verkligen min!" (Thank you very much! Now the guitar is truly mine!) transcends a mere expression of gratitude. It suggests a sense of ownership and fulfillment that extends beyond the act of acquiring a new instrument. This emotional resonance highlights  theTool™ ability to craft instruments that are not just functional objects but cherished companions.

Joakim Rosendall's word serves as a comprehensive endorsement of theTool™ , encompassing both product excellence and exceptional service. A repeat customer, Joakim praises the "fantastiska" (fantastic) quality of the guitars, underlining the company's dedication to using premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. He further commends the expertise and passion of the staff, particularly Mats, highlighting the importance that theTool™ places on providing knowledgeable and enthusiastic customer service. Joakim's closing statement, encouraging potential buyers to seek out theTool™, underscores the brand's reputation for excellence and its ability to foster lasting customer loyalty.

The Staffen Carishamre recommendation highlights the "fantastically pleasant and knowledgeable reception" experienced by a recent visitor to our store on Urvädersgränd. This feedback reflects Guitarpeople’s prioritization of a warm and informative customer experience from the moment a customer walks through the door. The visitor appreciated the time taken to choose from the "tempting options" available, indicating a no-pressure environment where customers can thoroughly explore their choices, supported by the expert guidance of our staff. The final sentiment, expressing extreme happiness with the chosen guitar and extending thanks, encapsulates the essence of theTool™. It highlights the joy and satisfaction derived from finding the perfect instrument, transforming a mere transaction into a memorable and gratifying experience.

S O Petersson praises the "incredibly nice work" performed on an old Gibson J-50. The customer describes the guitar as "lovely to play today," underscoring the meticulous care and skill that Guitarpeople invests in every repair. This feedback demonstrates our commitment to preserving the value and playability of cherished instruments, ensuring that even vintage guitars are restored to their former glory. The customer’s satisfaction and willingness to recommend our services "with pleasure" reflect the deep trust and confidence that Guitarpeople has earned among its clientele. This endorsement attests to the quality of our work and the positive experience we strive to provide.

An endorsement from a visitor Vick Sinn who discovered Guitarpeople while on vacation in Stockholm exemplifies our commitment to going above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Faced with a broken guitar in the middle of a project, the customer reached out to Guitarpeople and experienced "incredibly efficient" service. This prompt and effective response underscores our dedication to meeting the urgent needs of our customers, even under tight deadlines. The review details a complex repair involving the installation of new pickups, managing two different humbuckers, and fixing broken switches and electronics. The customer's appreciation for the "highest precision" and quality of parts used highlights Guitarpeople's meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Completing the repair in less than a week and returning the guitar "as good as new" showcases our commitment to swift and excellent service. The customer's enthusiastic recommendation and gratitude reflect the deep trust and confidence Guitarpeople has earned.

Additionally, Magnus Gillström's opinion, "Bästa Mats! Kunnig, vänlig och extremt passionerad" (Best Mats! Knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely passionate), further underscores the high level of expertise and customer care provided by our staff. Mats, a key member of our team, exemplifies the qualities that make Guitarpeople a trusted and beloved brand among guitar enthusiasts.

Rustan Linde's feedback after purchasing our brand offers high praise, noting, "There is only one thing to say as I have now done a couple of deals with Mats: Knowledgeable, professional, incredibly willing to be of service. The products are very qualitative, no delivery problems. Yep, I can't find anything to complain about, and just such a thing is unusual these days." Rustan’s feedback highlights our unwavering commitment to service excellence and product quality, emphasizing the rarity of such consistent satisfaction in today's market.

Janie Cameron’s view adds another layer of appreciation, "I took my guitar to be restrung and Mats was so helpful and friendly. I will definitely be returning for all my guitar-related needs." Janie's experience reflects the welcoming and supportive environment we strive to create for every customer, ensuring they feel valued and well taken care of.

The customer's enthusiastic recommendation and gratitude reflect the deep trust and confidence Guitarpeople has earned. Their endorsement underscores not only the technical proficiency of our repair services but also the positive and satisfying experience we strive to provide.


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