About Us

On a sunny morning in August 1977, we opened the door to the first store, then called Guitar Village. At first there were almost only vintage instruments; old Gibson, Fender and Gretsch before vintage was vintage. Then we underwent a rendering against Allting’s Origin – the acoustic guitar. For twenty years, we focused on prestigious brands like C.F. Martin & Co from Pennsylvania, Collings from Texas, Ramirez and Amalio Burguet from Spain. Forty years and thousands of guitars later we are still there, even if it is in another form. How can it be? How can a small hole in the wall survive synthesizers, dollar courses and disco eras?

 -The way to create your own guitar brand was almost experienced. theTool arose when more guitar enthusiasts became partners in our small company and the name changed to Guitar People®. Today we manufacture handmade guitars from student guitars and upwards under the name theTool.

Common is that they all hold a high level in both crafts and materials, while you do not have to pay for an ultra-hip brand. theTool™ guitars are well-sounding instruments from the leading manufacturers that are properly adjusted and intoned and carefully controlled by us before leaving the house. The name The Tool. Yes, it’s like what it’s all about – a tool to create music with.

The music, we leave for you to create, but the prerequisite the instrument itself – we want to craft as finely as possible to make it fun to play. 

Times change or time flies. – today there is internet and webshop, even the most analog and acoustic guitar lover must adapt to the digital reality. We still remain, “Still alive and well” from an office with warehouse and workshop in Stockholm, but with the web as a work area and contact point for all of Sweden and the rest of the EU. If you want to try some guitar when you’re in town, we are for real. Just contact us before, so we know when you pass by.

Because it is not only Jojje Wadenius, Lasse Englund, Marie Bergman, Anna Ternheim, Ulf Lundell, Carl-Anton, Cardigans, Eldkvarn, Kent, Pernilla Andersson, Mats Ronander, Lisa Miskowsky, Bob Dog, Kenny Håkansson, Lalla Hansson, Basse Wickman , Rolf Wikström, Ulf Wakenius, Ane Brun, Elin Sigvardsson, Eva Möller, Toni Holgersson, Micke “Opeth” Åkerfeldt, Max Schultz, Mauro Scocco, Tingsek, etc., who went out with a guitar from here. Here also younger guitar heroes find their dreams instrument.

That we still exist is because we like what we do, love for the guitar and guitar music remains more than 40 years later. To quote Ulf Wakenius’s comment on our existence:

The guitar is a “lifelong thing” – nothing one just begins and ends with.