theTool ™

Mats Silfving is the mastermind behind theTool™- beautifully crafted guitars that combine Swedish design and the work of highly experienced luthiers from around the world. The smooth curves of each guitar are carved from carefully selected wood with precision and craftsmanship. No matter where theTool™ is manufactured, each guitar is examined, adjusted and intoned along with a complete pro setup  by Guitar People here in Sweden. 

Mats knowledge and passion for guitars have a long history. He opened his first shop "Guitar Village" in Stockholm in the roaring 70s to offer rare vintage gems to guitar connoisseurs. A great deal of Gibsons, Fenders, Martins and later on smaller guitar brands found their ways into people's homes through the shop. Over the years a loyal guitar community pulled the shop through the rise of synthesizers, disco,  techno trends and global economic crises. It was only natural that Mats and friends delivered what people expected them to do - design and build their own exquisite line of guitars under the collective name Guitar People. theTool™ was born!

Guitar People´s vision is to create and provide fantastic instruments for most kinds of guitarists, from beginners to professionals and instruments which should last over lifetime.

. Yet the soul of theTool  is nurtured solely by its owner. As Mats often says: "A guitar is only as good as it plays".

Whether you are travelling, performing at an open mic or playing on a roof, the Tool™ serves a simple purpose - to express yourself.