Caring kit

380 kr


Protect your guitar against cracks for the cold and dry with a humidifier and a spare set of strings.


Prevent damage to your guitar by controlling the humidity.

- Easy to use
- Attach between the G and D string in the sound hole
- Re-wet the sponge as frequent as needed
- A particularly essential tool for very dry environments



Choose from 2 types of strings to get 2 different experiences.

.0011 - Perfect for beginners who are looking for easy to play strings.
.012 - Perfect for getting more sound out of your guitar.

These phosphor strings offers a brighter sound, a balanced tone, the best possible intonation and keep your guitar stay in perfect tune.

These strings are made in USA.

Classical nylon

A classic set of strings perfect for all levels.
High quality classical guitar strings.

Produce a powerful, bright and clear sustaining tone. Pure intonation.

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