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 When I grew up, nylon stringed spanish guitars were for prats. Cool guys played electric guitars. After +50 years of electric guitars and touring/recording internationally, I stumbled onto theToolThinline. Instant love. The coolest looking acoustic guitar there ever was. And now, my first ever nylon stringed Spanish guitar. Sheer joy and the same excitement as when I got myself my first electric guitar. I cannot put it down. Plays like butter and sound wise everything you can ask for of a nylon stringed spanish guitar. To my mind, the perfect combination of an arch top jazz guitar, a semi-acoustic electric guitar and a nylon stringed Spanish guitar. The perfect choice for a beginner (no matter age) who's musically broadminded, not limited to a classical Tárrega-repertoire and is genuinely interested in discovering the many facettes of the guitar as an instrument. And it's the perfect companion to the electric guitar, for the intermediate or professional guitarist as a nylon stringed guitar cannot be compared to a steel stringed guitar or an electric guitar. It has its' own voice and a very beautiful voice. No matter energetic or poetic playing, it will take you all the way. Even hard rock power chords, sounds amazing. To me, The Thinline has opened a door to a beautiful room that's been locked to me, for far too many years. It's never too late to open new doors.

The Thinline will take you there...

The Leather Nun

 I discovered GuitarPeople in Stockholm, while being on a vacation in the middle of a project when my guitar broke down. I immediately reached out to them, and they were incredibly efficient to organise the repair services for my guitar. The best part was that - they did the repairing service faster than anyone else in the whole city. The job was done with the highest precision, in my case - it was to install new pickups, which was very complex because I had two different hum-buckers and broken switches and electronics, so they made sure that all the parts are perfect, of the best quality and installed correctly. I received my guitar back in less than a week, and it was as good as new !! Thank you for your help and the extraordinary job. I highly recommend GuitarPeople.

Vick Sinn


Hello! I ended up on GuitarPeople through a recommendation from another wonderful musician named Paul Noel. I went to Guitar People because I had bought a Taylor guitar from another store online and the guitar came with very high strings and was very hard to play. Guitar People lowered the strings for me and the guitar turned out fine. They also said I could come back if I wasn't satisfied and they could fix it free of charge. The day I went to get that Taylor fixed, I tried out a couple guitars from Guitar People. Then I had a couple of gigs with that Taylor and I felt that there was something in the guitar that I wasn't completely happy with. So a week later I went back to Guitar Peole and tried out a couple of guitars that Mats makes. The guitar was great but a few small things needed fixing. Mats fixed it the way I wanted and offered me to audition again. I was 100% pleased with the guitar and bought it and returned the Taylor to the other store (I had 30 days of the return warranty left). I've had 3 gigs with TheTool (GuitarPeople's own guitar) and all gigs have been total successes. Mats is a very patient person, he listens to what you need and is always ready to help and fix what you need, he really cares that you are satisfied. When I bought the guitar he also said I can come back if anything else needs fixing, which is really important for us players who need to feel comfortable with our instruments.

I recommend GuitarPeople 100%.


Tomas Pereda

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