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 When I grew up, nylon stringed spanish guitars were for prats. Cool guys played electric guitars. After +50 years of electric guitars and touring/recording internationally, I stumbled onto theToolThinline. Instant love. The coolest looking acoustic guitar there ever was. And now, my first ever nylon stringed Spanish guitar. Sheer joy and the same excitement as when I got myself my first electric guitar. I cannot put it down. Plays like butter and sound wise everything you can ask for of a nylon stringed spanish guitar. To my mind, the perfect combination of an arch top jazz guitar, a semi-acoustic electric guitar and a nylon stringed Spanish guitar. The perfect choice for a beginner (no matter age) who's musically broadminded, not limited to a classical Tárrega-repertoire and is genuinely interested in discovering the many facettes of the guitar as an instrument. And it's the perfect companion to the electric guitar, for the intermediate or professional guitarist as a nylon stringed guitar cannot be compared to a steel stringed guitar or an electric guitar. It has its' own voice and a very beautiful voice. No matter energetic or poetic playing, it will take you all the way. Even hard rock power chords, sounds amazing. To me, The Thinline has opened a door to a beautiful room that's been locked to me, for far too many years. It's never too late to open new doors. The Thinline will take you there...

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