theTool™ A-1 acoustic / electric

9 800 kr

 Interested in getting more into acoustic guitar  

The A-1 acoustic / electric is available in two versions -  standard mahogany or with rosewood back and sides. Both guitars have solid tops.

The solid mahogany top with a rosewood back gives a lovely deep and mellow tone, and the standard version with mahogany back has a bit more mid and treble. it's just a matter of taste

Fishman pickup with EQ onboard - together with a tuner makes it ready to go live or record  -  and it is comfortable for fingerstyle, strumming or lead 

This is a great sounding acoustic guitar and all comes down to a proper setup  - intonation, truss rod adjustments, string action heights.- we do this for you before shipment

The guitar should feel comfortable to 

  theTool™A-1 guitar  will take your guitar playing to another level

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