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The art of making a guitar

A trip to one of Spain’s guitar makers och ”where it all began” gave me new insights about the instrument which has followed me throughout my life.Even if the trip first began 35 years ago with constant visits to guitar makers in the USA, Asia and Sweden so the circle closes - full of impressions on ”the art of making a guitar”.

A more than 250 year old tradition of hand workmanship and love to the guitar, wood type, and construction is alive and well in Spain in 2019. Because it’s about a deep love for and impetus to create and continue to develop the classical guitar and its construction which was laid down by Torres more than 250 years ago. The remarkable thing is that the guitar making circle is now complete as we look at Spain again, where everything began.

Bathed in myth and wrapped in hip, fog, hocus pokus, cred, and vintage shrouds, the guitar is basically an instrument which has survived time and trends and is proudly alive. The guitar seems to attract something deep-rooted in both children and adults when they come in contact with this piece of wood.

The various routes from Spain to the USA, Japan, Korea, India and China has returned to Spain and the quality and craftsmanship is firm.First and foremost- liberated from any hipfactor. Just genuine knowledge and tradition. All these Guitar People whom have kept the fire going since Torres which established the basic designs and sizes several hundred years ago.

Name dropping some giants of inspiration who’ve spent their lives in carrying on the tradition is this short list - Lariveé , CF Martin, Shiro Aria , Ramirez , Contreras, Leo Fender, Bob Taylor ,Georg Bohlin, Amlio Burguet, Orville Gibson , Fred Gretch, Dobro (Dopyera brothers) George Gruhn Jimmy" D'Aquisto,  and many others beside all the guitar heros as Segovia, Hendrix , Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray ,Keith Richards, Göran Söllscher, Ida Presti, Tommy Emanuell , Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery , Django, Afra Rubino , Wakenius och Wadenius.

It’s all about Guitarpeople who tirelessly and purely for the sake of the guitar have carried it to new generations. What’s on the headstock isn’t the important thing. We’re ourselves have chosen to call our guitars the Tool. Because that’s just what they are- a tool and instrument created to play on and make music with. Basically, an instrument called the guitar.

All of us who’ve devoted our lives to the instrument are Guitarpeople, in some form. Simply, a lifelong thing.

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